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So, we know what you're thinking...

Why don't these guys have some big, awesome, flashy website?

Valid question.
Web designers without a flashy website? Whaa... ??

That is exactly why you should hire us.

Why, you ask?

  1. Because we put our clients' needs first.
  2. Because even without our own über-cool website, we are still booking clients months in advance.
  3. Because almost 100% of our clients come from word-of-mouth referrals.

Here is a list of our services:

WordPress Joomla HTML PHP Javascript Logos
  • Custom & Responsive Web Design (incl. Mobile)
  • Web Development and Custom Coding
  • Creation of WordPress Plugins
  • Creation of Joomla Extensions
  • Website Maintenance & Training
  • Internet Marketing & Social Media
  • Google Apps for Business

Check out our portfolio:

Truex Preferred Construction Englewood FL Website Design

Truex Preferred Construction

Project Description: This commercial and residential construction company had an existing Joomla website with outdated information and a dated design. In addition to giving the site a fresh look that showcases the company’s portfolio and services, we also added some new functionality. This included creating a custom system for posting and managing the company’s variety of floor plans. The client can now easily log into the website to update the floor plan information and photos as well as add new models. We also adapted this system to allow for easy management of the company’s commercial portfolio.

Abe's Boat Rentals Englewood FL Website Design

Abe's Boat Rentals

Project Description: We created this website for a brand-new boat rental business. The website’s centerpiece is a complete online reservation system including various pricing levels, different boat types, dynamic availability calendar, automatic posting of reservations to Google Calendar and an intuitive backend interface. The payment system automatically charges damage deposits and allows for easy deposit refunds. In addition to designing and developing the site, we provided content writing services for all pages.

FL Green Team Fort Myers FL Website Design

FL Green Team

Project Description: FL Green Team is an air conditioning company in Fort Myers whose existing WordPress website needed a fresh design. We gave them a site that effectively communicates their brand message and leads customers to key information about their products and services. Potential customers are encouraged to convert through the use of lead capture forms, coupon incentives, and a custom AC Estimate Calculator. The entire website is designed to be user friendly on desktop and mobile devices and is optimized for search engines. Some other features we implemented included a Live Chat, Facebook Feed, Blog and a Feedback Request E-mail.

Friends of Boca Grande Website

Friends of Boca Grande

Project Description: This website gets a fresh look every year to match the organization’s annual newsletter design. Some notable features include a custom slideshow feature, scroll animations, calendar feed, “members only” area and a custom mobile design. The client is able to update the content themselves.

New Life Church Venice FL Website

New Life Church

Project Description: One of the primary goals of this re-design was to enhance the website’s appeal to the younger generation, while also making it accessible to a more mature demographic. Some of the core elements the church needed were a search engine and user-friendly live streaming and video archive, events calendar integration, multi-language translation support, and the ability to easily update the website’s content. We delivered on all points. Using WordPress, we created a custom theme and among others a custom-built plugin (API) interfacing to, New Life’s live streaming provider. Additionally, a Facebook feed fetches the church's most recent Facebook posts and displays them on the homepage. Another special feature is a simple announcement display with a timer.

Boca Grande Historical Society

Boca Grande Historical Society

Project Description: Previously, BGHS used a basic WordPress website with an outdated theme. Then, they hired us. The website we designed and built for them is up-to-date and better represents their organization. Using existing plugins (incl. WooCommerce) alongside features and integrations developed in-house, we were able to provide user-friendly functionality as well as streamline the organization’s operations to save them valuable time. Two of the time-saving features we incorporated were a Bulk Photo Importer and a Custom Member Management System. The Bulk Photo Importer allows the client to add up to 100 photos to their online store in one minute or less. The uploader also automatically watermarks the images for display in the gallery, and removes the watermark after purchase. The custom implemented Member Management System consolidated and centralized BGHS member and donor records and includes an online renewal feature.

West Coast Property Website

West Coast Property

Project Description: The West Coast Property website needed a fresh look and improved usability – and that’s just what we gave them. Moving them away from a limiting DIY website builder, we developed a WordPress website tailored to their needs. User experience improvements include a modern interface with a user-friendly property search feature, set in the context of a bright, tropical design. Plus, for the client, keeping the property information up-to-date is now a breeze. Another of the many new benefits is lazy loading images in the property photo gallery, which significantly cuts the page load time.

Lemon Bay Playhouse Website

Lemon Bay Playhouse

Project Description: The new LBP website’s custom design uses a content management system (WordPress). One of the key aspects of the website is the flexible events / show manager plugin we developed specifically for the playhouse. Besides organizing shows and providing a consistent look, it makes updating show information much faster and easier for the primarily volunteer-run organization.

Premier Florida Realty Website

Premier Florida Realty

Project Description: This project encompassed a complete website redesign for a real estate office in Fort Myers. Using Diverse Solutions MLS implementation with some customization, this WordPress website allows visitors to search for homes for sales and rent in the Fort Myers/Naples area. In addition, we created an easy-to-update agent directory as well as an intranet for the agents to share information internally.

Suncoast Cafe Website

Suncoast Cafe

Project Description: We built this custom designed WordPress website for a popular eatery in Venice. The website and especially the breakfast and lunch menu are very easy for the customer to update and maintain. Additionally, the website features a photo gallery and an application form.

Radil Construction Website

Radil Construction

Project Description: This WordPress website for a local outdoor kitchen, outdoor living and remodeling company comes with a custom responsive theme and an online store (powered by WooCommerce). Some of the website’s other key components include: dedicated mobile support, photo galleries, automated backups and Google Analytics.

LiteWorld Website


Project Description: LiteWorld provides 3D printing, training and resources in the Englewood area. They also sell 3D printers and parts online. The responsive website and online store are powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. The homepage features a custom-built Facebook and Twitter feed. Additionally, the website offers various integrated forms (newsletter, lead-capture and class registration) and a mobile theme.

Sunfresh Farmers Market Website

Sunfresh Farmers Market

Project Description: We created this country store-inspired custom WordPress theme for a popular produce store in Englewood. The website features an integrated social media feed and a lead capture popup window asking visitors to sign up for a newsletter and like the company on Facebook. The desktop design is responsive and the entire site is optimized for mobile devices. The backend features an easy interface for posting weekly specials, including a scheduling feature.

Cape Haze Marina Website

Cape Haze Marina

Project Description: We gave this WordPress website an overhaul. Beginning with a new custom desktop and mobile design, we went on to implement a unique Facebook feed gallery, newsletter sign-up and an events management system. The design features scroll-based and timed animations, creating a more interactive user experience.

Venice Office Outfitters Website

Venice Office Outfitters

Project Description: We built this sleek custom designed website for an office furniture place in Venice. Also here we used WordPress for the website's core. The website comes with a "Sell Your Furniture Form" including photo upload capability, a responsive design, dedicated mobile support, photo gallery, custom Google Maps integration and Google Analytics.

Englewood United Methodist Church Website

Englewood United Methodist Church

Project Description: Orginally using the GoDaddy Website Builder, we brought this website to the next level with a new WordPress website tailored to the church. One of the site's unique features is the completely custom integration of their live streaming and video archive (their provider usually only offers iframes). Part of the new website is also a fully integrated calendar software with registration and ticketing ability. The website also boasts a dynamic Facebook and Twitter feed, dedicated mobile support, sticky menu, e-newsletter sign up (Constant Contact), PDF viewer and easy maintainability by the client.

Boca Grande Happenings Calendar Website

Boca Grande Happenings Calendar

Project Description: We replaced the Boca Grande Community Calendar with a custom designed, responsive, user-friendly and search engine friendly calendar system. Using WordPress for its foundation, the calendar system features among others event filtering, search, grouping, sharing and a map feature. Organziations on Boca Grande have access to add and edit (their own) events. Important events can be set by an administrator to be displayed on the homepage. Before launch, we importated over 1000 events from the old system into the new calendar. Of course this website comes with dedicated mobile support.

Hackworth Realty Website

Hackworth Realty Group

Project Description: This project consisted of a re-design for real estate office in downtown Venice, FL. The company had just revamped their logo and branding, and needed a website that would not only show off their new look, but would also help them meet (and exceed) the expectations of buyers and sellers looking for properties and real estate agents online. Our clean, modern design features a dedicated responsive desktop as well as mobile theme to maximize usability and speed up load time. Using their existing MLS listing provider, we created and integrated a custom property search module on the homepage, as well as a property gallery. Other special features only this website are the custom area that shows the current weather for the Venice, FL area, and link directory that automatically generates thumbnail screenshots.

OEVA Website

Olde Englewood Village Association

Project Description: This new custom-designed WordPress website design replaced an outdated Joomla website. Besides giving the website a fresh look and a new CMS (Content Management System), one of the primary upgrades we brought to this website is that the community calendar is now both search engine and mobile friendly. This website has many built-in features, including the fact that each association member has the ability to post events and update their location. An authored Facebook comment feature, social media share buttons and automated backups are all also part of the OEVA website's list of noteworthy features.

Website of Johann Fust Library Foundation

Johann Fust Library Foundation

Project Description: We created a custom designed website for a library foundation located in Boca Grande, centered around beautiful photography and descriptions of the grounds. Also here, we used a two themes, one for desktop and one for mobile. The website comes with an events calendar built to suit the Foundation's needs, a board members only section, photo galleries, a PDF viewer, automated backups to Google Drive and more. We made the website easy for the client to update on their own, which was one of their top priorities.

Website of Lock N Key

Lock 'N Key

Project Description: We built this restaurant website in WordPress with a custom designed desktop and mobile theme. Some of the notable features are a responsive, customized and fully integrated Facebook feed, online gift card and merchandise ordering, entertainment calendar, newsletter sign-up incl. birthday field, photo gallery, custom Google Maps integration and Google Analytics. The specials are updated daily by the restaurant's staff.

Website of HomeSpec

HomeSpec Certified Inspections, Inc.

Project Description: This home inspector's website is specifically designed and built to attract potential customers (SEO), inform and convert them into clients. Custom-created in WordPress, this website's features include a responsive desktop and mobile version, a homepage slideshow with multi-step slides, various conversion and scheduling forms (which alert the owner via text message and e-mail), inspection agreement forms, a blog with Facebook comments and Google Analytics. Normally, our clients send us their text content for the website, and we make only minor tweaks, but on the HomeSpec website, we played a large role in editing and writing the text content. Updates to the website are applied by the client.

Website of Stone Crab Booster Club

Stone Crabs Booster Club

Project Description: This website was using a generic template in the past and was difficult for the club members to maintain. We fixed this problem by creating a custom Wordpress website, which not only made easy maintenance possible, but also brought some of the ball game atmosphere into the design. The new Booster Club website also boasts of sticky top navigation, a sponsor gallery and organizer, an event calendar as well as a dedicated mobile website. This website is completely maintained by the client.

Website of Farlow's on the Water

Farlow's On The Water

Project Description: This Englewood, FL restaurant website utilizes a WordPress theme with a custom, responsive design for desktop and mobile. A slideshow, calendar, photo gallery, contact form, map, Content Deliver Network and online gift card ordering add extra value to the site. A weekly report of the website's traffic and usage is emailed automatically to the owner. The website's content is easy to update. Food Photography by Photographic Images.

Website of Symbiont Service

Symbiont Service Corp

Project Description: We gave this WordPress website a facelift with a new responsive design (desktop and mobile). Besides many great features, one of the site's unique aspects is the geothermal customer list which utilizes among others Google Fusion Tables API to render a Florida map visualizing the amount of projects installed in each region.

Website of Kobie Complete

Kobie Complete

Project Description: Redesign and optimization of existing website. Some of the special features we built into the website include: custom designed mobile website, slide deck, blog, creation of a SEER savings calculator, email newsletter sign-up, SSL, goal/event tracking with Google Analytics, visitor gets coupon for or newsletter subscription. We also handle SEO, create email blasts and manage the pay-per-click and remarketing campaigns.

Website of Englewood Chamber

Englewood Chamber of Commerce

Project Description: Complete redesign of existing website: WordPress based website with custom theme, custom mobile site, fully custom developed membership directory, calendar with booking feature and event submission, membership fee payment form, member area, newsletter sign up, automatically updated links to (selected) MailChimp campaigns, and automatic remote backup. The website is designed to allow the client to easily update content.

Website of WC Works

W.C. Works, Inc.

Project Description: Custom designed a brand new informational website and built it in WordPress.

Website of South County Food Pantry

South County Food Pantry

Project Description: Redesigned existing website using Wordpress. We implemented the following special features: a full-width slideshow, custom PayPal donation form, custom Google Maps implementation and an automatic weekly remote backup. The website can easily be updated by the client.

Website of Wing King

Wing King Chicken Shack

Project Description: This restaurant website features a fun/casual custom design (incl. mobile version). Running on Joomla, this website has its own online ordering system which offers delivery to customers within an area defined by the client. New orders are automatically printed to a receipt printer. The website is easy for the client to update.

Website of The Tabletop

The Tabletop

Project Description: Custom designed Joomla e-commerce website with a slideshow, a "fancy" drop-down menu under "Brands" and a custom Google Maps integration.

Website of Prion Photography

Prion Photography

Project Description: Built in Joomla, this website's clean design directs attention the photographer's portfolio. The website is fully responsive, comes with some nice galleries/slideshows and photo-proofing capability (incl. password protection and photo rating/filter feature).

Website of Nanas

Nana's A Children's Shop

Project Description: Custom designed one-page WordPress website including newsletter sign-up, contact form and custom Google Maps implementation. Like all of our websites, the Nana's site is easy for the client to update.

Website of Clearview Counseling

Cleaview Counseling & Coaching

Project Description: Brand new website design built in Wordpress. This informational website is easy for the client to update.

Website of Ray's Plubming

Ray's Plumbing

Project Description: We redeisnged the existing website to look similar to the web design of Ray's sister company, Kobie Complete. We developed a mobile version of the website and a newsletter sign up. Plus, we continually monitor and site's performance via Google Analytics which includes goal tracking.

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